Aligned Integrations is the collaboration of two Portland-based professionals: Dentist, Dr. Matt Kathan (owner of Timber Dental) and Professional Engineer, Jason Kennedy (KIC Engineering).
Having used the Dry Shield system in his practices for the past 7 years, Dr. Kathan realized the crisis of COVID 19 created an immediate need for affordable access to tools to protect dentists and hygienists from harmful aerosols. 
He discovered however, that the pandemic had created severe shortages and back orders on already existing Isolite and Dry Shield systems.
Kathan and Kennedy then aligned their expertise to create improved, more affordable adapters for the dental community that integrate with already existing mouthpeices. Aligned Integrations was started to meet the needs of four Portland dental practices.
It is now providing quality, US designed, manufactured and assembled Isolite and Dry Shield adapters across the nation at a fraction of the cost.
Working Better, Together!
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